Lin-Pak Packaging Capabilities

Here is a listing of the machinery we have available on site currently:

  • 3' Aro pumps for grease and liquids(typically used in 55 gallon drums of material)
  • Speedo measuring filler attached to a 150 gallon hopper(for use with sand, powder, etc.)
  • Oden Filling Machine with 5 gallon hopper or a hose connection for any size operation
  • Aro 3' motor 5 gallon bucket pump
  • Aro 0-4 oz measuring cylinder
  • Lincoln 0-4 oz measuring cylinder
  • Aro 0-14 oz measuring cylinder
  • Lincoln 0-3 grams( ounces equivalent if needed) Air operated measuring ejector
  • Feed cylinder for 0-5 lbs grease applications(used with 0-3 gram Lincoln Air ejector)
  • Sonics and Materials Ultra Sonic Sealers
  • Fuji Heat sealer

Some of the packaging we are capable of filling is:

  • Pouches(whatever size required by customer)
  • Gallon Jugs
  • Drums(any gallon size)
  • Quart bottles
  • Ounce Bottles(any size)
  • Buckets(whatever size required by customer)

Our capabilities allow us to meter out whatever quantity or measurement you need. We can go from a few grams up to 55 gallons of material.

Some of the warehousing capabilities we have are:

  • Can ship UPS, RPS, Fed EX, or palletize for whatever trucking company you request
  • All machines are complete cleaned thouroughly before use with the highest grade solvent
  • Can provide customer with almost any size of pouches, bottles, boxes, etc
  • Can provide labeled or screen printed material
  • AIAG Labels or Barcoding available